Junior Scientists Welcome! Ages 3 ½ to 5

Radical Science has a unique way of delivering hands-on, visually stimulating science lessons to your little ones!

Our 45 min sessions include unique and custom visual aids & tangible items that are just right for little hands.

With fun songs or stories, dynamic personalities, puppet friends and posters we will be able to satisfy the most inquisitive mind of all – The Pre-Schooler!

Junior Workshops $155 plus tax.

  • JR – Inside Out  – Human Body: Introduction to inner body parts and function.
  • JR – Chemistry : Reactions. “What happens when……….?”
  • JR – Composting the Earth – WORMS!
  • JR – Colors of the World: Introduction to Primary Colors, Color Mixing, Light Spectrum.
  • JR – It’s a Gas: Bubbling Potions and Burps! (carbon dioxide science)
  • JR – Diggin’ the Dinos – How it all began.
  • JR – Playing with Polymers – All things bendy, stretchy and strong.
  • JR – Heat Wave – Discover the properties of heat.
  • JR – Animals Living in the Cold – Explore the far north!
  • JR – Sound – It takes more than ears to hear!
  • JR – Taste Buds – The yummiest science ever! (Does contain edible
  • experiments)
  • JR – Space – It’s waaaaay out there!
  • We recommend a maximum of 20 preschoolers per group

** 2nd + Workshop Booked Back to Back $125 **