Grade 6

Biodiversity ($245+HST): This program contains live animals and a visit from one of Little Rays Nature Centres Wildlife Educators. The Wildlife Educator will give an energetic presentation on 8-10 animals including 2 arthropods, a cane toad, a black rat snake, a red-eared slider and a burmese python. Through the demonstration, students will be introduced to vocabulary such as ‘diversity’, ‘biodiversity’, ‘ecosystem’, ‘habitat’, ‘species’, ‘invasive species’, ‘indigenous species’, and ‘competition’. There will be a focus on cane toads as an invasive species in Australia and red-eared sliders as an invasive species right here in our own backyard. Students will learn about the black rat snake and how habitat fragmentation has made them an endangered species here in Ontario, as well as how the pet trade has affected genetic diversity in burmese pythons and what effect that has had on their health. For our problem solving wrap-up, students will be introduced to a mystery animal that they will have to use a “Dichotomous Key” handout to figure out what species it is based on its morphology.

Flight ($245+HST): This program contains an outside component. Watch as our presenter introduces the aerodynamic features of a rocket as well as the forces required for launch, then witness the rocket take off at 200 km/hour and soar at least 10 stories high. And the fun doesn’t stop there. We move inside for a high-flying demonstration of Bernoulli’s principle where students can see how the shape of an airplane’s wing is important for lift. The program ends with a comparison of a birds wing to an airplane wing and students must hypothesize why we don’t fly like the birds. We will introduce a special bird visitor for our demonstration.

Space ($230+HST): Join us on a journey across the universe! Students learn that the solar system is full of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and many other exciting objects and they investigate the relationship between the earth, sun and moon. Our budding scientists use their knowledge, creativity and imagination to invent an ideal alien that can inhabit each of the planets in our solar system.