Grade 5

Human Organ Systems ($230+HST): Paging all future medical professionals! This interactive program gives students hands on experience in exploring how the circulatory and digestive systems work.  We give the tools to replicate bodily systems and help inspire their inner scientist. Students will work together to figure out how to make blood pump and how food can fuel their bodies. They develop their own ideas and get their hands dirty!

Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms ($230+HST):  Engineering and creativity abound! Students engage their brains to create strong and stable towers, bridges and overhangs that can withstand both internal and external forces. Simulated tornadoesearthquakes and ice storms shake up their inventions and expose students to the power of nature AND science!

Properties of and Changes in Matter ($230+HST): In this program we will explore the differences between liquids, solids and gases using the notorious CARBON DIOXIDE. We discuss the role of CO2 in photosynthesis and in climate change. Why we need it but not too much. We explore the density of gases using a fire extinguisher and the explosive nature of chemical reactions with our photo bombs. Students will get a whiff of sublimation first hand with our crowd pleasing dry ice experiments. Our problem solving wrap-up involves some simple balloons and some not-so-simple ingenuity.