Grade 4

Habitats and Communities ($245+HST): This program includes live animals such as 2 arthropods (1 decomposer), 1-2 threatened or endangered amphibians, 2-3 threatened or endangered reptiles, 1 bird of prey, and a large snake. There will be a presentation of each animal and how it fits into its habitat based on specific adaptations and then there will be time for each student to observe or interact with each animal. There will be an additional presentation on the human activities that affect each animal. The program ends with game that illustrates chemical bio-accumulation in the environment as well as specific interactions between herbivores, carnivores, disease and humans.

Pulleys and Gears ($220+HST): Time to shift into high gear! This hands-on program will really pull students into learning the real-life applications of pulleys and gears. Games are designed by students to connect gears and make a fidget spinner turn. Next, students make their own pulley systems to play a friendly game of tug of war. Who will have the advantage? How many pulleys were needed to win? Data is collected, and a winner is crowned!

Light and Sound ($230+HST): Everyone put your sunglasses on. This package offers a tour through visible light where we show off what prisms can do. But even cooler is the experiment where we put all the colours back together again. We will also explore the world of invisible light where students will test some hypotheses about protection from damaging UV rays. Take home materials include a light spectrum bookmark and special UV detector key chain.

Rocks and Minerals ($245+HST): Get ready to rock! Students get to play, learn and explore rocks, minerals and fossils in this collaborative program. They lean how important rocks and minerals are to our everyday life, how mining and manufacturing are vital to our economy and how it all affects the environment around us. They will dig into their imagination to create their own fossils and explore for hidden rocks and minerals in our mining experiment. Students then get to take home one of their hard-earned treasures.