Grade 3

Strong and Stable Structures ($220+HST): Lets encourage the next generation’s engineers. Students will be given materials and instructions for building their own arch bridges with emphasis on how the shape and position of each block is important to the bridge’s function. Our wrap-up will provide students with all manner of materials to build the safest delivery system for our fragile eggs.

Soils in the Environment ($245+HST): In this program we provide each student with a mini laboratory complete with test tubes and microscopes to determine the quality of a variety of soil samples. We will measure PH, moisture content and look for microorganisms. The classroom will be provided with soil samples and seeds that remain behind for the students to test their hypotheses.

Forces Causing Movement ($220+HST): Attention movers and shakers! This program will stimulate curiosity about the forces that cause movement. Magnets are used in many ways to demonstrate the power of non-contact forces. Students get to handle and play with different size magnets, learn what makes them work and experiment with their amazing properties. They will make a homopolar motor which will spin a wire using just a battery and magnets. More magnets are added, and data collected in this engaging display of forced movement.