Grade 2

Growth and Changes in Animals ($230+HST): This program contains live animals. We look at animals that have had a huge impact on humans such as rats and black-legged ticks as well as animals who have had their lives drastically changed by humans for good or bad such as cane toads, skunks, and ferrets. We look at life cycles of frogs though interactive materials as well as the differences between animals that develop in eggs versus animals that are live-born. Students are invited to figure out what attributes of each animal allow it to survive in its environment.

Properties of Liquids and Solids ($230+HST): Get ready to roll up your sleeves. In this program students will be able to play with some potions, changing liquids to solids and each student will be set up with their own miniature laboratories where they will face a layering challenge based on the properties of 5 different liquids. Students will then get to build their very own lava lamps to take home.

Air and Water in the Environment ($245+HST): In this program students will learn about human effects on our oceans. They will be able to examine coral specimens up close and will be challenged to clean up an actual (reusable) oil spill using the same materials as the pros. We also have the students clean up some fake animals affected by the spill so they can visualize the broader impacts.

Movement ($230+HST): Lever and pulley, wedge, and screw. Wheel and axle and inclined planes – woo hoo! This program helps connect the science of simple machines with the real world. Students will lean why simple machines were invented and how they make life easier and more enjoyable for us – imagine walking everywhere and never using a car! We inspire and empower students to be curious and inventive while they create their very own playground using different simple machines.