Company Parties & Events

Celebrate your staff with a Family Day! Plan a Company BBQ or even a picnic. Better yet, celebrate the holidays with a Christmas or Halloween Party! Suitable for ages 4+
Pricing begins at $245 Customized to your event!

  • Carbon Dioxide: Everyone’s Favorite Gas – Let’s all grab our carbon dioxide and explore the many uses of this versatile gas! Then, let us introduce you to carbon dioxide in its solid form aka dry ice! Experiment with the ice doesn’t melt. With lots of opportunities for volunteer scientists, let’s explore ways to create it, taste it, catch it, pour it and burp it!
  • Air: Can You Feel the Pressure? – Is this bottle REALLY empty? No! It’s full of air! Explore how air takes up space and hypothesize about how it will behave. Then let’s all put our hands together for friction! Is it good or evil and how can we overcome it? Then end on a “high” note as volunteer scientists hover off the ground and take a little ride!
  • The Radical Science Guide to Ghastly Ghosts and Wicked Witches – Do you believe in ghosts and witches? Know how to recognize them? Let us offer you explanations for their spooky behaviors using science! Help our scientist put their potions and inventions to the test during this 1 hour Halloween Event! Also available as a Wizard of Oz themed event complete with the Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys”
  • Winter Wonders Show – The Who’s are in trouble! The Grinch is at it again! The Who’s have asked Radical Science to help get rid of the Grinch using our scientific knowledge. Come have fun as we make snow appear right before your eyes and discover the joys of Prairie Hover-Bogganing!