Birthday Parties

The Most Radical Birthday Party You Will Ever Have!

Radical Science Comes to you!  Fun, Interactive & Always Entertaining! Get your Giggles out during any of our 4 fun presentations!

Disclaimer: Descriptions are provided to give our customers an idea of what to expect from our presentations. Our scientists all have their own personalities and are encouraged to tailor their shows to those personalities. We also make changes from time to time to keep things fresh and current! Presentations do not always match every detail of the description but it is our goal to present exciting, innovative and hands on presentations to encourage a child’s natural curiosity about the world all around them!

Potions in Motion:

This is a party sure to get the giggles out!  Children will be amazed at the color changing properties of our introductory demonstration to Acids & Bases. Even cooler is how they can relate the experiments to everyday items! Moving on into lots of silliness with our “Burp Science!” – technically known as Carbon Dioxide. Demonstrations from “Volcano Bubble Baths”, “Taste Test!”, “Misty Showers” and a group activity “Catch the Gas!” and “Sitting on a Cloud” are all crowd pleasers from young to old. With our Silly Polymer Putty science wrap up during the last 10 to 15 minutes of the party, your Birthday Child and their friends will be talking about this show for weeks to come. Recommended for children ages 4-12.

$195 – 1 to 15 children

Compatible Indoor / Outdoor

$230 – 16 to 25 children

All shows 45-60 minutes in length

Prices are subject to 13% HST.

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Heat Wave:

Put away your fire extinguishers – we are trained professionals! Choosing this party is going to heat things up for sure! Fire Safety Messages are crucial during this presentation and children will have these concepts re-in forced with visual aids, and group activities. Learn about “Flash Point”, and the concepts of temperature variables. We will, right in front of your eyes –demonstrate the Compounds of Firework! (Explosions are not included!) Kids can leave their own Thermal Imprint with use of our “Thermo Image Boards”. Properties of heat reactions are found both chemically and in the environment. Your children will even enjoy a group experience of “Under Water Volcanoes”! As always, wrapping up the last 10 to 15 minutes of the party with our polymer science, Lava Slime! Recommended for children ages 6-10.

$175 – 1 to 15 children

Compatible Indoors Only

$195 – 16-25 children

All shows 45-60 minutes in length

Prices are subject to 13% HST.

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Light it Up! :

Grab your garbage bags and darken it up! We are going to “Light it Up!” so wear your Neon! With introductory concepts of light being introduced, children present will witness the aspects of the Ultra Violet Spectrum. We will uncover the chemical mysteries of “Glow” / Chemiluminescence. Children will experience for themselves an opportunity “Seize their Silhouette”. In keeping with the theme of light – the show is not complete without our demonstrations of Current Electricity and Indoor “Lightning”!  Your choice of UV Slime or UV Bead Project made during the last 10 to 15 minutes of the show. Recommended for children ages 8-12.

$175 – 1 to 15 children

Compatible Indoors Only / Dark

$195 – 16 to 25 children

All shows 45-60 minutes in length

Prices are subject to 13% HST.

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Party Prehistoric:

Put on your palaeontologist hats and start digging’! Ever wonder why T-Rex has such a long tail? Or how big was Triceratops head?? Or if only bones are fossils??? Or why there are no dinosaurs at the local zoo?!?!?!? This 45 minute party was developed just for the little scientist with big questions! With lots of visuals and lots of props to touch and try, this party has become a hit with those curious preschoolers and kinders!  Every child gets to go home with a fossil rubbing a real fossil they uncovered themselves! Recommended for ages 3-6 years.

$175 – 1 to 15 children.

Compatible Indoors or Outdoors

$195 – 16 to 25 children

All shows 45 minutes in length

Prices are subject to 13% HST.

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Prices are subject to 13% HST

“Looking for something a little different? Check out our workshops and ask us about customizing your birthday party based on your favourite workshop!”

Birthday Party Upgrades:

Here at Radical Science we want to give back to community where we live and with that in mind we are working to get a a great kid from our community named Travis to a special Camp this Summer!

(During the month of March, $10 from every upgrade will be donated towards a great project we are helping with called Travis’ Camp Fund)

Cotton Candy Science $45 – 1 to 25 children- and any two upgrade for $80!

Bubbling Potions (dry ice) $45 – 1 to 25 children – and any two upgrade for $80!

Rocket Launch $45 – 1 to 25 children – and any two upgrade for $80!

Hovercraft Experience $45 – 1 to 25 children – and any two upgrade for $80!

Set Up Requirements:

As much space as the children take on the floor with room for the presenter to walk around and engage the group.

Access to a sturdy table.  (card table size/ small dining table)

Access to a Sink – Filling Beakers, Rinsing Cotton Candy Bowl, Clean up.

  • Light it Up – Access to electricity and a darkened space. The darker the better!
  • Cotton Candy Science – A yummy addition to any party! Following a quick lesson in states of matter, the kids observe as the scientist transforms grains of sugar into strings of sweet candy floss!
  • Rocket Launch –  The basics of aerodynamics and flight followed by a field trip! We head outdoors where the kids witness one of our rockets launch! These rockets take off at about 200km/hr and soar at least 10 storeys high! Launches require some open space and are weather permitting.
  • Hovercraft Experience –  A great way to overcome friction! This upgrade answers the age-old question “why are soccer balls round?” Then hop aboard our leaf- blower powered hovercraft for a ride! Hovercraft requires flat open space. Does not work on carpet.


Alternate Party Locations

More Radical Science birthday parties and full summer camp options are available at:

Dovercourt Recreation Centre
(613) 798-8950

Ray Friel Recreation Complex

Ray Friel Recreation Complex
Birthday parties
(613) 830-2747